"Scarlet Ibis"
(Eudocimus albus)

Photograph by
Ski S. Diverscreek Waterfowl

The Scarlet Ibis is common in South America, and an occasional bird is reported in Florida. Ibis are distinctive for their long, curving bill..the downward curving bill is call "decurved".

Size: 25"

Nest: Platform; male and female build; 1 brood per year.

Eggs: 2-3; light blue with dark markings.

Incubation: 21-23 days; female and male incubate.

Fledging: 28-35 days; female and male feed young.

Food: Fish, aquatic insects, crustaceans.

Voice: Grunts, and growls.

Habitat: Marshes, mudflats, lagoons, and swampy forests.

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