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"Ross' Goose"

"Ross' Goose nesting"
Photograph by

Ian Gereg
Photograph by

Ian Gereg
Photograph by

Ian Gereg

***Proper names for this species of bird:
Male: Gander
Female: Goose
Baby: Goosling

Nest: Down-lined grass nest, concealed under vegetation, placed on a small island in a lake or river. Nests in loose colonies. Concentrated nests average 15 feet apart.

Eggs: 4-5 creamy-white eggs

Incubation: Done by the female bird...takes 21-24 days. The young birds leave the nest very soon after hatching, but stay with the parent birds until the following spring.

Food: Feeds on grasses and waste grains.

Habitat: Arctic tundra in breeding season; salt or fresh marshes in winter.

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