"Ross' Goose"
(Chen rossii)


Photograph by

Ian Gereg
Photograph by

Ian Gereg

***Proper names for Geese:
Male: Gander
Female: Goose
Baby: Gosling

Ross' Geese are a Mallard-sized edition of the Snow Goose. White wings, black wing tips, pink bill, and pink legs. It can be distinguished from the Snow Goose from a distance by its smaller size and shorter neck and at closer range by its stubby triangular bill, which lacks the "grinning patch". In flight it has faster wing beats than the Snow Goose.

Size: 24"

Nest: Down-lined grass nest, concealed under vegetation, placed on a small island in a lake or river. Nests in loose colonies. Concentrated nests average 15 feet apart.

Eggs: 4-5 creamy-white eggs; 1 brood per year.

Incubation: Done by the female bird...takes 21-24 days. The young birds leave the nest very soon after hatching, but stay with the parent birds until the following spring. The babies are tended by both sexes. First flight at 40-45 days.

Food: Feeds on grasses and waste grains.

Voice: Soft crackling and grunting notes. Higher pitched honking than Snow Geese.

Habitat: Arctic tundra in breeding season; salt or fresh marshes in winter.

In Flight: Black wing tips are prominent in flight, less so when the bird is at rest. In flight it has faster wing beats than the Snow Goose.

Breeding: Monogamous.

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