"Time To Let Go"

It's time to "let go"---
Or else, I'll definitely be their "foe".

It seems as though the years passed by too quick---
Alone now, I'll worry if they're all right, or sick.

How will I "really" know if they're both okay---
Without calling or seeing them, every single day.

Have I taught them enough to know how to cook---
Will they remember their manners, and how to look?

Do they know enough about people and life---
"Cutting the apron strings", hurts like a deep cut from a knife.

So much regret that precious moments with them,
have often been wasted---
When arguments were in control,
and memorable moments could have been tasted.

Will they remember me mostly at my worst or best---
The divorce hurt us all, leaving our lives in a mess.

May there always be good health, happiness and love for my sons and me---
May God comfort my loss, and help them to be all they can be.

Snow W. Frost

" Poetry Wonderland"

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