"The Storm"

Bashing "violently" against the shore---
The angry waves "crushed" through the sand,
as if settling a "personal" score.

Faster and higher, the waves grow in intensity,and pace---
"Competing", as if in a life-death race.

Winds and rain joined together in battle, to build up strong force---
Causing damage and change to "everything" in it's course.

Darkened sky, "screaming" winds of pain---
Untamed power, "spears" of murderous rain.

Lightning "cracks" the sky, followed by "thunders" sound of a whip---
Pieces of driftwood are "forced" to shore, like "caskets" of a ship.

The battle of the storm seems like "forever", in time---
But, only "minutes" have passed, since the sun last "shined".

As if on a "cue", the storm moves out to sea---
The "aftermath", is accepted--the shore, is now again "free".

Snow W. Frost

" Poetry Wonderland"


Copyright 1999-2009 Snow W. Frost
All rights reserved.
Reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden.