"The Dance of Divorce"

Lost, confused--Depressed, overused--
The "dance of divorce" is about to begin.

Lying, deceit--Hating, defeat--
The dance has many steps to the life that you've been.

Bargaining constantly for what can no longer be--
Leaves feelings of emptyness, like a leafless dead tree.

"Trust" is a value no longer "eagerly" felt--
"Betrayal" feels like the sting of the last of a belt.

Why, must there be so much anger and hurt--
"Self-esteem" now seems, no better than dirt.

The "dance of divorce" has ripped "two" into "one"--
Alone, without the other, is harder than anything you have ever done.

Reaching out for that familiar partner which can no longer be--
To lose, is to win, to again, be "me".

The "dance of divorce" has come to an end--
It's time to leave the dance floor, and let "acceptance" begin.

Snow W. Frost

" Poetry Wonderland"


Copyright 1999-2009 Snow W. Frost
All rights reserved.
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