"The Dance of Anger"

Reacting, losing---Crying, choosing---
The "dance of anger" is about to begin.

Arguing, defeat---Macho, retreat---
Love and respect are fading, like a feather in the wind.

Why, must one lose in order to win---
Why is "once true love" now like trash in a bin.

Unforgiveness, is now all that lasts---
Unwillingness to "again" be vulnerable prohibits removal of our "masks".

Chances have "over and over" been given and tried---
But now there's only feelings like death inside.

All the "once had specialness" is locked deep within " castle-type walls"---
Emotionally crippled, like a broken doll.

Forgotten are the familiarities of goals and insights---
Only unseen wounds prevail in continuous fights.

"One", is a very lonely number---
But feeling less than zero keeps happiness in slumber.

Complaining, Blaming, Naming, Shaming---
These are the tunes of the "dance of anger".

Snow W. Frost

" Poetry Wonderland"


Copyright 1999-2009 Snow W. Frost
All rights reserved.
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