"Shine On" Veterans

"Shine On" Veterans
Together, we share the strength of a guiding light---
Just like the beacon from a lighthouse, in a dark stormy night.

"Shine On" Veterans
Our members shine for all those in need---
We believe life's obstacles and challenges,
can be overcome with the sharing of good deed.

"Shine On" Veterans
Shine for those who sacrificed their lives, that we may live in peace---
Our gratefulness of life in freedom, shall never cease.

"Shine On" Veterans
Together, we shall shine bright like the beacon from a lighthouse,
to those who still need our help.

"Shine On" Veterans
May the angels watch over our Veterans, and their families.

"Shine On", Veterans
Our "inner light" shines forth from "within".

Written by Snow W. Frost
Snow W. Frost

***Dedicated to the American Legion Auxiliary, and all Veterans.

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