"The Dance of Anger II"

The "dance of anger" is about to begin--
Someone will lose and someone will win.

The "dance of anger" goes round and round--
Some hear the "harsh" music, some hear NO sound.

Some are able to dance lightly and full of grace--
While others are constantly told "their" steps are in bad taste.

Some move quickly as if dodging "blows"--
While others move so quietly "nobody else" knows.

Some dance as though they're quite "superior"--
While others dance an "image" to hide their feelings of "inferior".

One person leads as if in "control"--
While his so-called partner "follows" and "pays" toll after toll.

Faster and faster they dance in a spin--
It's as though there's a contest, and someone "must" win.

Sometimes we dance so much our appearance looks "frizzey"--
Yet we know as long as we allow it to go on,
we'll always stay "dizzy".

Round and round we continuously go--
When will the "dance of anger" stop, only "we" know.

Sometimes the "dance of anger" makes us hurt--
Yet we go on and on "hoping" that if "we" try harder to please,
maybe, it will work.

After a while the "dance of anger" gets boring and old--
And even though we stand close to our partner, we feel "very cold".

We know it's "time" to leave the dance floor--
To find someone or something, and make our life "more".

Snow W. Frost

" Poetry Wonderland"

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All rights reserved.
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