Orford Ness Lighthouse
(Suffolk, England)

Photograph by
Adrian Underwood
Photograph by
Andrian Underwood
Photograph by
Andrian Underwood

Orford Ness Lighthouse is located in Suffolk, England.

The above photos were donated by Adrian Underwood, whose father, Charlie Undrwood, was an attendant for over 28 years at the lighthouse. Orford Ness Lighthouse was one of the first lighthouse's to be automated and Charlie Underwood took over from the last keeper in 1965.

Adrian and his father lived in the village of Orford and his father used to pay a visit to the Lighthouse once a week or if he was called out by Trinity House. As the lighthouse sits on a shingle spit, it involved a trip by boat across the river Ore and then a two mile drive by LandRover to the tower.

Adrian's father also wrote a book about the history of the Orford Ness Lighthouses called "The Great Light". I truly appreciate Adrian sharing these fantastic photos.

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