"Mourning Dove"
(Zenaida macroura)

Photograph by
Snow W. Frost
Photograph by
Snow W. Frost
Photograph by
Snow W. Frost
Photograph by
Snow W. Frost

Mourning Dove name comes from its mournful cooing. Its head bobs as it walks. It is one of the few birds to drink wihout lifting its head...same as Rock Dove.

Size: 12"

Male: Smooth fawn-colored dove with gray patch on the head. Iridescent pink, green around neck. Songle black spot behind and below eyes. Black spots on wings and tail. Pointed wedge-shaped tail with white edges.

Female: Similar to male, lacking iridescent pink and green neck feathers.

Nest: Platform; male and female build; 2 broods per year.

Eggs: 2; white, unmarked.

Incubation: 13-14 days; female and male incubate, the male during the day, and the female at night.

Fledging: 12-14 days; female and male feed young.

Migration: Non-migrator in Florida.

Food: Seeds, will come to seed feeders.

My personal notes...

The Mourning Doves are very quiet birds, who really enjoy eating seeds or bread. I usually see them flying in groups of two...sometimes three.

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