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"Frozen Lakes"

Barb Nevinger..... I have a scar under my chin from skating on the frozen lake. I was doing a spin, and my skate caught a stone on the ice and down I went! My chin broke the fall and the ice looked like a BB shot after I hit it! I'd do it again though! When you skate on a lake like that it is very peaceful. Cold, but nice. It's a bumpy skate...not too smooth, and you have to be able to tell what surface ice looks like verses the solid. Other wise you can be out there and a hairline can open really quick and your in the water before ya know it! :-) ! When I was a young girl, the boys played ice hockey and it was fun watching them. When you're on a lake that if frozen sometimes as you skate you can hear the ice squeak! I love it! Sometimes you might see a fish that is looking frozen, but their really not. It's like they come back to life once the water thaws. My Grandpa showed me that when I was about 7. Their metabolism slows way down! It's so funny to see people with their dogs get out there! The dogs run...and can't stop! Lot's of fun!

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