Maine Wonderland
"The Way Life Should Be"

Maine, is my favorite State in the United States. I love the weather (especially all the winter snow), fresh lobster, the people, and most of all...the lighthouses.

I have traveled most of the coast of Maine--from the Eastern-most point of the U.S. where West Quoddy Lighthouse is located, to York Maine, to photograph the beautiful Cape Neddick Lighthouse. Portland Head Lighthouse, is my favorite of all lighthouses. I find it fascinating how this lighthouse looks so different when viewed from either side or from the front. Winter snow, makes this lighthouse even more fascinating, especially if you add a beautiful sunset.

The crisp, windy weather gives a person the energy to make each day count. The smell of the many pines scenting the air, gives a sense of freshness, and feels like Christmas all year round. The rocky shoreline, with waves crashing against the rocks with their salty kisses, has beautiful sculptures of the many storm imprints. The fresh lobsters, and the many other seafoods, makes your mouth water just thinking about them.

The people, so kind and curtious. Men open doors for women, people say "hi", and if your car breaks down, someone will ask if they can help you. The language accent used, is always charming to hear.

Lots of places to go in Maine. Something for everyone. Shopping, outlet centers, many craft centers, nautical gifts "everywhere", hiking, hills to climb, water to canoe, and lots and lots of beautiful lighthouses. I love Maine.

Maine Photographs:

Maine "Lighthouses"

Maine "Snow"

Maine "Coastline"

Maine "Frozen Lakes"

Maine "Lobsters"

Maine "Gazeboes"

Maine "Icicles"

Maine's "Cadillac Mountain"

Maine "Cities"

Maine's "Lighthouse Depot"

Maine "Birds"

Maine "Homes"

Maine "Web Cams"

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