"Maine Lobster Cages"

Lobster Cages On Pier Near Owls Head Lighthouse
Photo by Snow W. Frost
November 1999

"Maine Lobster Cage Photos"

Lobster Traps near Owls Head Lighthouse
Photograph by

Snow W. Frost
Lobster Traps
Photograph by

Barbara A. McHatton

One of the best things in Maine of course is the delicious lobsters. So delicious, so fresh. I became especially addicted to the "lobster rolls". Chowder, lobster tails, lobster stew....so many ways to enjoy lobsters. Dipping fresh steamed lobster into melted butter and lemon....so very delicious.

I was especially interested in the lobster traps. Wooden traps seem to be replaced by metal ones. I couldn't resisit buying a wooden lobster trap while I was in Maine....it is one of my favorite possesions.

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