Lighthouses of Panama


Panama Lighthouses

For lighthouse purposes, the Panama Canal is divided into natural divisions.
First section, extends from deep water at the Atlantic end to Gatun, known as the Atlantic section.
Seond section, from Gatun to Gamboa, known as the Gatun Lake section.
Third section, from Gamboa to Pedro Miguel Locks, known as the Culebta Cut section.
Fourth section, from Pedro Miguel Locks to Miraflores Locks, known as the Miraflores Lake section.
Fifth section, from Miraflores Locks to deep water at the Pacific end known as the Pacific section.

Growing up in the Canal Zone, I had the opportunity to see many beautiful lighthouses. My favorite was the Gamboa Lighthouse. It was a "tricky" thing to drive across the old wooden bridge where a person had to match up the car tires "just so". I always looked at the nearby lighthouse, thinking to myself--"I made it!".

The daymark on the Miraflores Lighthouse is particularly unique---half black, and half white, divided side by side down the middle. My grandfather, Fritz Marti worked at several of the lighthouses in the Canal Zone. Good memories.

A very nice article has been written about the lighthouses in Panama, by Lighthouse Digest Magazine.

**Special collage of Panama Lighthouses created by Virginia Hirons.

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