My Favorite Hobby...

I love lighthouses.........especially those located in Maine.

The "daymark" painted design of the tower, the structural and scenic location of the keepers house---all provide an excitement within me. Some of the posters that Iíve seen with the waves crashing against the lighthouse---sometimes as high as the tower itself---gives me a thrill of seeing man working with Nature. Perhaps many people might consider living at a lighthouse a bore, and lonely, but I think that thereís a "specialness" in being able to be "at one" with Nature. I feel a special excitement viewing lights that are located right next to the coastline---high on a cliff overlooking the waves splashing against the beach.

I enjoy visiting lighthouses, climbing to the top of the tower, and taking photographs. I also enjoy collecting the Harbor Lights, Lefton, and Forma Vitrum lighthouse collections. I hope that you enjoy my collection of lighthouse photos.

If you have a favorite lighthouse photograph that you might consider sharing on this website, I'd be pleased to post it and give you proper photography credit.


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