Faro Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse
(Tierra del Fuego, Argentina)

Photograph by
Neal Doan

March, 2009
Photograph by
Neal Doan

March, 2009
Photograph by
Neal Doan

March, 2009

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, located in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse guards the sea entrance to Ushuaia. The lighthouse began to be built on 19 December 1918, and was completed on January 23, 1919. It has a conical tower with a sentry box and 3 red and white stripes, with a height of 11 meters, and an elevation above sea level of 22.5 Mts. . The brick-built tower's high and wide at the base, with its windowless wall painted red-white-red and topped by a black lantern housing and galery. Only a door pointing to the west provides access to the building. The light's above sealevel emitting white flashes every ten seconds with a range of 7.5 nautical miles. The lighthouse, still in operation, is remote-controlled, automated, uninhabited, and not open to the public.

It is a popular tourist attraction, reached on short boat tours from Ushuaia. It is known to the Argentines as the Lighthouse at the "End of the World" (Faro del fin del mundo). On December 23, 1920 the lighthouse was put into service - today probably the most photographed lighthouse in South America.

Location: 5 nmi (9.3 km) E of Ushuaia, Argentina
Coordinates: 5452′17″S 6805′2″W
Year first lit: 1920
Construction: Bricks
Tower shape: Conical
Markings/Pattern: Red with a broad white band, black lantern room
Focal Height: 22.5 m (74ft)
Range: 7.5 nmi (13.9 km)
Characteristic: Fl. 10s
Admiralty number: G1320
NGA number: 111-2620
ARLHS number: ARG-016

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