Interesting Lighthouse Information

Alcatraz Lighthouse (California, USA)
First American-built west coast lighthouse...1854.

Bjargtangar Lighthouse (Cyprus)
It is the westernmost lighthouse for Iceland. at 23o31.7W.

Boston Lighthouse (Massachusetts, USA)
It is the "first" lighthouse built in North America (1716), and is the only one in the United States today which has not been automated.

Cape Gata Lighthouse (Cyprus)
It is the southernmost lighthouse in Europe.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (North Carolina, USA)
It is the tallest lighthouse in the continental United States...191 feet.

Cape Mendocino Lighthouse (California, USA)
Highest lighthouse above sea level...515 ft.

Charleston Lighthouse (South Carolina, USA)
Newest shoreside lighthouse...1962.

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse (Michigan, USA)
Oldest lighthouse in Michigan.

Montauk Point Lighthouse (New York, USA)
First lighthouse built completely by the Federal Government...1797.

Nobska Point Lighthouse (Massachusetts,USA)
This lighthouse is one of only three lighthouses with miniature brass lighthouses as ornamentation atop each balustrade on the gallery. Cape Neddick, and Lubec Channel, both in Maine, are the others.

Point Amour Lighthouse (Cyprus)
It is Canada's second-tallest lighthouse.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse (New Jersey, USA)
Oldest lighthouse in service...1764.

St. Augustine Lighthouse (Florida, USA)
It was the first lighthouse built in Florida. Also, it is the 10'th tallest lighthouse in the U.S.

St. George's Reef Lighthouse (California, USA)
Most expensive lighthouse built...1891.

Slettness Lighthouse (Norway)
Located in Norway, it is the most northern lighthouse of Europe and of the world.

Statue Of Liberty (New York, USA)
It was the first lighthouse to use electricity...1886.

Turkey Point Lighthouse (Maryland, USA)
It has the historical fact of having the last female lighthouse keeper in the United States.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse (Maine, USA)
Located on the easternmost point in the continental United States.

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