Hunting Island Lighthouse
(South Carolina, USA)

Photograph by
Anne Chapman
Photograph by
Lesley Hendricks

This lighthouse is halfway between Charleston and Savannah-near Beaufort,South Carolina. The first lighthouse was darkened for Civil War and the tower mysteriously disappeared. This tower was built in 1875. It was constructed of interchangeavle cast-iron sections that can be easily dismantled. It is 85 feet high and lined with bricks. In 1889, due to the encroaching sea, it was moved more than a mile inland. The light, which is no longer in service, had a second-order Fresno lens and could be seen from eighteen miles away. The top of the tower is 140 feet from the ground and is reached by a staircase of 181 steps. (If they used light today, it would be necessary to cut down many trees, as it is nearly hidden from view from the beach. Visitors are allowed to climb the 181 steps to the service gallery.

***Directions: Take U.S. Highway 21 east from Beaufort to Huntington Island State Park.

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