Fenwick Island Lighthouse
(Delaware, USA)

Photograph by
Walter Cushman

Fenwick Island Lighthouse has the Mason-Dixon Line running right through the light station property...starting there. The lighthouse was built half in the North and half in the South in 1858. It has a white occulting white signal. The tower is a double-walled brick structure, and rises 87 feet above the island sands...which places the focal plane of its light nearly 90 feet above the water. Eclipser panels roll around the lens on a dolly, causing it to occult, or wink about four times a minute.

***Directions: The lighthouse is located on Route 528 at the Delaware border north of Ocean City, Maryland. The lighthouse and a small museum are open the the public.

***If you have a photo of this lighthouse, that you'd like to share...please email me.

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