"Fulvous Whistling-Duck"
(Dendrocygna bicolor)

Photograph by
Ski S. Diverscreek Waterfowl
Photograph by
Ski S. Diverscreek Waterfowl

The Fulvous Whistling-Duck is a long-legged, long-necked, goose-like duck. They are highly social...usually found in groups. Female may lay eggs in other female's nest. Often the duck will desert the nest. They are more active during the night, and can often be seen flying in flocks at dawn and dusk. This species was formerly known as the "Fulvous Tree Duck"...the name "fulvous" refers to its tawny color.

Size: Length 18-21 inches.

Male: Bright tan, white stripe on flanks, gray bill, dark back with chestnut stripes, blue-grey legs and feet. In flight, wings mainly black, white crescent above the black tail.

Female: Similar to male.

Nest: Nest of reeds lined with grasses and weeds is placed on the ground in dense vegetation or grass hummock, rarely in tree cavity. Young tended by both sexes but find own food. 1 brood per year.

Eggs: 12-14, dull white

Incubation: 24-26 days

Fledging: 55-63 days

Breeding: Monogamous.

Habitat: Wet agricultural land, ponds, and marshes.

Food: Primarily feeds at night in marshes and rice fields. Eat aquatic plants, grass and weed seeds, alfalfa, and waste grain.

Voice: High squeaking 2-syllable whistle, "pe-chee", usually is given while bird is in flight.

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