Canal Zone Memories
"Memorias de la Zona del Canal"


The formal name for the country of Panama is Republica de Panama. Its capital city is Panama City. Spanish is the official language, and the Panamanians are primarily Roman Catholic in their faith. The country has two international borders, Columbia, and Costa Rica. Some of the exports from Panama include: bananas, sugarcane, rice, coffee, beans, tobacco, and flowers. The climate is hot and humid, with two seasons. Rainy season, usually lasts 9 months long, between the months of May through December. Dry season, lasts from December through April. Panama is truly a tropical paradise.

My grandfather, Fitz Marti, helped to build the Panama Canal when the French made their attempt. He also worked at the Toro Point Lighthouse, that the French built. I am very proud to know he participated in the building of the Panama Canal.

Until December 31,1999, the Canal Zone was a U.S. territory in the country of Panama, where the Panama Canal is located. The Canal Zone was 50 miles long, and 10 miles wide. The Canal Zone has now been turned over to Panama, and exists no longer. I am proud to have been a "zonian", and I wish much success to the future of Panama and its citizens.

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