"Cat Toys"

plastic Easter eggs
The plastic eggs that are sold at Eastertime, make great cat toys....they wobble and roll "just right". I buy several large bags after Eastertime....when the bags are only about 99 cents. Different size eggs, make it twice as enjoyable. On some, I've heated up an ice pick and "melted" small holes into the egg...this is great for when you've put some catnip inside.

peacock feathers
Those long feathers offer many hours of enjoyment. The cat watches each little twiglet of feathering move "just right". The beautiful colors also seem to impress the cat. Be sure to throw out the feather after it has been thoroughly played with and all bent up and falling apart.

small paper balls
Just roll up those post a notes, into small paper balls and roll away....many cats will retrieve these balls and bring to you to throw again. Snow, my cat "used" to do that, but now she just chases them and hits them around like someone playing soccer. Again, toss them out when they've been "thoroughly used and abused".

playing with a "flashlight"
Playing with your cat using a flashlight, can provide some great exercise for the "indoor" cat. Snow, loves to chase the beam of the light. I make the beam go on the ceiling, on the walls, then when it wiggles across the room on the floor, she will run after it. She gets thoroughly confused and mad when she knows she jumped "exactly" onto the beam, but nothing is there. She also loves to chase after those colored lazer beam lights...especially a blue color.

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