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"I don't like being dressed like a Christmas present!"

My cat "Lady Snow"
Cat's have always been my favorite pets. My favorite breeds are Himalayan, and Persian. I've had many types of pets, because I grew up near the jungle in Panama---baby alligators; hoot owl's; sloth; parrot; spider monkey; parakeets; and of course several cats and dogs. Out of all these interesting pets, I loved my cats the best.

"Snow", is my 8 year old cat---she's a Silver Chinchilla Persian. Lot's of long fur to brush, so soft, like cotton. Brushing her is a pleasure...at least 3 times a day.

I love the attitude that cats have..."they" rule. You don't own them....they own you. I enjoy petting her, and I love to be greeted when I come home. "Lady Snow" acts as though I've been gone forever, and shows me how much she loves me with lots of rubs from her entire body. Of course, a cat has a different concept of which "end" is the most beautiful...

My day begins with figuring out the "right" can of cat food...not just anything will do. Let's mention also that what a cat thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, may not be at all what is the "right" can for today. Don't EVER buy a whole case of food that you might think a cat would enjoy...they may NEVER eat that brand again!

Snow loves playing with paper balls, more than any expensive toy I've bought for her. She runs like a lightning stike, retrives the ball and brings it to me to throw again....maybe she's watched too many dog commercials. I'm sure there is a lot she has yet to teach me.

The day usually ends with again the process of selecting the "right" cat food for her dinner...and what turned out great for breakfast certainly "WON'T" do for dinner. Then, she brings a toy to bed, plays with it for a while then snuggles with either me or the toy...depending on whether or not I pleased her with the "right" dinner food selection.

Lady Snow's favorite hobby is being on the penthouse part of her cat tree... looking out the window at the lake nearby that has five ducks, and 6 ducklings. Also, a tree nearby has squirrel's that climb on "her" window screen, and lots of people who walk their dogs. She loves to run and be chased... She is a healthy happy cat, and I look forward to sharing my life with her.

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