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"Casper"...a beautiful Siamese cat whose favorite hobby was to eat...especially fish. A can of tuna was a special treat...but he "always" wanted special treats...and knew how to win you over. His average weight was 19 pounds, but once reached 23 pounds before being put onto a diet.


"Milo" is a 16 pounder luv bug! He likes to do tricks! He lets the kids take him for a ride in the wagon, and allows his friend Kristen to dress him in doll clothes. He fetches his ball like a dog and will "sing" when you turn on the radio! He's 4 yrs old and a big ol' butterball :-) If you pet him too long he slobbers on you! That's what he is and by no means is he camera shy! He likes to sleep on the arm of the sofa but is always falling off because he's so fat!

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