Boston Harbor Lighthouse
(Massachusetts, USA)

Photograph by
Susan Kelly
Photograph by
Linda Graham

Boston Harbor Lighthouse was first built in 1716, and later built in 1783. It is America's "first" lighthouse. The tower has fortress-like walls more than seven feet thick at the base, and in 1853, its height was raised by 15 feet and its stone walls lined with brick.

The lighthouse remains in service, producing a flashing white light visible for more than twenty-seven miles at sea.

***Directions: Little Brewster Island is part of Boston Harbor Islands State Park. Call (781) 740-4290 for advice on viewing this lighthouse. Harbor cruises offer close-up views of the Boston Lighthouse and nearby Graves Ledge Lighthouse.

***If you have a photo of this lighthouse, that you'd like to share...please email me.

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