Blavandshuk Lighthouse

Photograph taken by
Elaine C. Cheek

Since 1900, the 39 metre-high lighthouse has been casting its light out over the sea to warn sailors of the danger of coming too close to the notorious Horn's Reef. The Devil's Horn, as the reef also used to be called in the old days, stretches 40 km out into the sea. Not without reason did it gain this name: innumerable ships were smashed to pulp here in storms, and even more sailors lost their lives in the fight against the enormous forces of the sea.

It was only in 1888, after sailors from many countries refused to sail into Esbjerg, that the first lighthouse was built - a light beacon. But as early as 1899, this lighthouse was replaced by the present whitewashed lighthouse, which has stood since then as the region's landmark.

170 steps have to be climbed to reach the top of the tower, but the reward is the most beautiful view imaginable, standing 55 m above the surface of the sea. Using an ingenious lens system, Blavandshuk lighthouse sends its unique blinking code out into the night so that every sailor who sees the signal knows that the entrance to Esbjerg harbour and Ho bay is right here.

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