My BHS Diploma
1966 Graduation Program
"my program of that special day"

Balboa High School, "home of the bulldogs". I graduated in 1966, and I am proud to display a picture of my diploma. Many good memories of "BHS", and thanks to the many fine teachers there, I was encouraged to go on to college. My favorite teachers were Mr. Thompson, Dr. Kennedy, and Mr. Herr---all three music teachers. They did their job well in encouraging me to go on in life to become a professtional organist.
I have displayed a copy of the graduation program for my class of 1966. The class was so huge, that the service had to be held at an airplane hanger. I was so proud to have been the organist selected to play prelude, and also with the orchestra for my class to enter. Because of the size of the hanger, the echo effect was awesome. I didn't hear my notes from the organ until every 10 notes. Difficult to play, but not hear yourself for such a long delay! Great.......

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