Bear Island Lighthouse
(Maine, USA)

Photograph by
Ed Elvridge

Bear Island Lighthouse was built in 1839, and rebuilt in 1889. Although the tower of the lighthouse is only 33-feet tall, it stands on the highest point of a rocky islet, elevating the focal plane of its signal to more than one hundred feet above the water. The beacon light flashes a white light every 5 seconds. A plastic optic replaced the original fifth-order Fresnel lens during the 1980's.

The lighthouse is leased by the National Park Service to a PRIVATE OWNER. It can be seen easily by private boat, or by ferry.

***Directions: From the Northeast Harbor Marina, you can see the Bear Island Lighthouse in the distance. To reach Northeast Harbor, one of several extraordinarily scenic villages on Mount Desert Island, follow Route 3 and then route 189 from Ellsworth. The deck of the Cranberry Island ferry offers a closer view of the lighthouse.

***Additional information: Cranberry Island Ferry
(207) 244-3575

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