Barnegat Lighthouse
(New Jersey, USA)

Photograph by
Gordon S. Hayner
Photograph by
Ron Hirte
Photograph by
Barbara Nelson Cheek

Barnegat Lighthouse, often called "Old Barney", is a beautiful lighthouse located in the north end of Long Beach Island. The daymark of the 172 foot tower is unique--a red top portion, then about half way down the rest of the tower is painted white. The lantern room rests 163 feet above the water. Barnegat Lighthouse became automated in 1927, and the beacon light can be seen from as far as thirty miles at sea. The station's old first-order lens can be seen at the nearby Barnegat Light Museum.

***Visitors may climb the lighthouse tower for a small fee.

***Directions: From the Garden State Parkway, take Route 72 to Long Beach Island, turn left, and drive to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park at the far northern end of the island.

***If you have a photo of this lighthouse, that you'd like to share...please email me.

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