"Barnacle Goose"
(Branta leucopis)

Photograph by
Ian Gereg

Barnacle geese are a terrestrial species that grazes primarily near seacoasts and in pastures, grain fields, and meadows. They transport young from nest to ground or water in their bills or on their backs.

Size: 23-28"

Male & Female: Plumage similar. White underparts; Blackish legs and feet; scalloped gray sides, flank and belly; blackish bill; black lores; white face forehead and chin.

Nest: Lined with feathers and down, in sand or on rock. Often places nest on inaccessible rock shelves on cliff or on rocky pillars that are safe from many predators, which makes escape from nest difficult to impossible for young.

Eggs: 4-6 gray-white to yellowish

Incubation: 24-25 days.

Voice: High piercing yelps, frequently hisses when disturbed.

In Flight: In flight, these birds show a U-shaped white rump patch and silvery underwing linings, and they are clamorous with hoarse barking terrier-like calls. Strong direct flight with steady wing beats. Flies in V formation.

Breeding: Monogamous. Scattered colonies.

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