Barcelona Lighthouse
(New York, USA)

Photograph by
Barbara Nelson Cheek

Barcelona Lighthouse has a 40-foot conical fieldstone tower that is attached to a fieldstone keeper's dwelling. It had conventional oil lamps and a fourteen-inch reflector. The lighthouse is no longer in use, and the lantern and light have been removed. A wood frame now defines where the lantern once was located. The lighthouse was first named Portland Harbor Lighthouse, when it was built in 1829...the name was later changed.

In 1859, it was discovered that Barcelona Lighthouse did not have a harbor, so the Lighthouse Board discontinued the light in 1872, and sold the lighthouse and dwelling to the highest bidder. It is now privately owned, and is not open to the public.

***Directions: Barcelona Lighthouse is located just off I-90 on East Lake Road, Route 5, in Barcelona. The structure can be seen from the public right-of-way, but visitors are requested to not trespass on the private property.

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