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Black-bellied Whistling Duck

Black-bellied Whistling "ducklings"
Photograph by

Ray Desjardins

Nest: It is lined with plant matter. Young precocial; leave nest 18-24 hours after hatching. Tended by both sexes for at least 144 days. Possibly 2 broods per year. "Dump" nests produced by more than one female laying eggs in a single nest are common, which results in documented neests containing more than 100 eggs. Will nest in tree boxes.

Eggs: 12-16 white eggs without a nest lining in a tree cavity or artificial nest box, occasionally on the ground among reeds.

Incubation: 25-30 days by both male and female, but primarily by male.

Habitat: Marshes, tree-lined shallow ponds, flooded woods.

Food: Seeds, grain, insects and snails.

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